Francisco Le Voci, MD | Brazil

Francisco Le Voci, MD | Brazil

Dr. Le Voci is a Dermatologist Specialist and a member of the Brazilian Society of Dermatology (SBD) and specialist in clinical and surgical treatment of hair loss. Throughout his professional life, he has been practicing and working in specialty societies, such as the Brazilian Society of Dermatology, Brazilian Society of Dermatological Surgery and Brazilian Association of Hair Restoration Surgery.

The decision to become a doctor was made by Dr. Francisco Le Voci throughout childhood and adolescence. Of course, the father of Dr. Francisco Le Voci, Professor Italo Domingos Le Voci, who was a cardiologist, had an important influence on his decision.

The specialization in dermatological surgery coincided with the beginning of work in hair. By participating in the World Congress of Dermatology in 1992, in New York, he had a closer contact with what was done in relation to diagnosis and treatment around the world.

He studied medicine between 1984 and 1989 at the Faculdade de Medicina do ABC. Soon after, between 1991 and 1993, he did the Specialization in Dermatology and, in 1994, he dedicated himself to the Specialization in Dermatological Surgery, both courses also at the Faculdade de Medicina do ABC.

Between 1998 and 2001, he studied for a master’s degree at the University of São Paulo (USP), when he developed the first postgraduate study on hair transplantation in Brazil. This work is entitled “Comparative Assessment of Donor and Receptor Areas in Hair Transplantation”.

In 2004, he did a Specialization in Hair Transplant Surgery, with Dr. Alex Ginzburg (Class Clinic Medical Center – Tel Hashomer Hospital, Israel) and throughout his career, Dr. Francisco took an active part in national and international congresses related to the subject, in addition to visiting several centers of expertise in South America, the United States and Europe.

Currently Dr. Francisco Le Voci is a Professor at the Dermatology Service at the ABC School of Dermatology, with an emphasis on dermatological surgery and clinical and surgical treatment of alopecia.

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  • Faculty Basics Course
  • Hair Transplant Surgeon at Le Voci Clinic Professor at the Dermatology Service at the ABC School of Dermatology in São Paulo, Brazil