Preview of GS2: Grafts and Implanters – Recipient Area State of the Art

General Session 2 at the ISHRS 30th World Congress will be on the topic of grafts and implanters, providing an update on the state of the art for the recipient area. This session will be moderated by Dr. Marie A. Schambach from Guatemala and Dr. Conradin von Albertini from Switzerland.

Every hair surgeon knows the importance of good graft quality for a successful patient result. In this session Dr. Maria Asensi Bertomeu from Spain will share her study about the relationship between punch size and transection rate using a Trivellini system, Dr. Alba Reyes from the Dominican Republic will present her classification system for curly hair, and Dr. Kazuhito Yamamoto from Japan will discuss his study about chubby grafts.

Implanters have become a popular tool for graft placement, and in this session Dr. Maxim Chumak from the USA will share his experience using sharp implanters with kinky ethnic hair and if he saw improved graft survival. Dr. Moonkyu Kim from South Korea will present how using a multi-implanter leads to better outcomes. Dr. Kongkiat Laorwong from Thailand will add to the session with his take on how the use of forceps can make using an implanter quicker and easier. Dr. Igor Bottura from Brazil will discuss how to minimize trauma to grafts using an implanter.

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