Faculty Information

Welcome! We are so excited to have you as a member of the faculty for ISHRS 30th World Congress. Please read the items below carefully, be diligent in reading your emails from the ISHRS, and reach out to Melanie Stancampiano, Program Director, with any questions.

Quick Notes:

  1. Faculty notifications have been emailed, and individuals must accept or decline each role that has been assigned by July 29, 2022.
  2. Faculty must log onto the Catalyst website and complete the record for each role.
  3. Speakers should be aware that there is an online component to this meeting and practice extra due diligence with content and patient photos.
  4. Presenters are asked to include subtitles on their presentations.
  5. All faculty must read the Important Information for Faculty PDF.
  6. Use the provided PPT template to create your presentation. Download here.

Important Dates for Faculty:

  1. All speakers in General and Focused Session should submit a near-final version of their talk for content review by September 15, 2022. Files should be uploaded using the Dropbox link emailed in the notification.
  1. All CSI Presenters should upload the following files by September 12, 2022: (1) Headshot photo (2) Poster presentation and/or (3) Video presentation in MP4 format. Files should be uploaded using the Dropbox link emailed in the notification.

See additional information for CSI Presentations

  1. When uploading your presentation, you should use the following file naming system: PresenterLastName_SessionName_PresentationTitle


Presentation Preparation:

Faculty of the 2022 ISHRS World Congress are encouraged to follow best practices in keeping the audience’s attention during their presentation. We know that people only have an attention span of 7-10 minutes.

We encourage you to read more about keeping the attention of audience members.

When preparing your presentation, faculty are encouraged to format their presentation as follows, depending on the assigned presentation time:
• 20 slides for 15 seconds each (5-minute presentation)
• 20 slides for 20 seconds each (7-minute presentation)
• 30 slides for 15 seconds each (8-minute presentation)

Read more from this year’s Program Chair, Dr. Sara Wasserbauer, on her tips to prepare your presentation: https://30thannual.org/tips-to-prepare-your-presentation/

Before & After Photos: It is highly encouraged to watch this video and review the Ten Tips link as you prepare your abstract and presentation, in order to have the highest quality Before & After photos: